Atelier May

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Hair Service

Akemi provides a “personal cut” which is tailored to all different shapes of heads and facial contours.

Head Spa

One of most effective hair treatments involves massaging the head with cleansing oil.

Wedding / Kimono

A Wedding is a very special day so we want to sincerely help you prepare for your special day.

Recent news

I went to New York last month.It was my second time to go to there:) My favourite part of New York is Brooklyn because I like thrift shop. So, I went to a lot of shop around Brooklyn area. But…

Ice cream time 🍦 Summer=ice cream=yummy!! There are few places I always love to go. If you have your favourite place, please let me know✨ always love to find new ice cream places! Sweet Jesus: Brett’s Ice Cream:…

Hello! This is Neiro. I’m working here from February and I came Toronto this January. I usually help to work for Akemi (aka.May) I will introduce about me. I’m from Chiba of Japan. I like playing basketball, dancing and watching…