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Hair Service

Akemi provides a “personal cut” which is tailored to all different shapes of heads and facial contours.

Head Spa

One of most effective hair treatments involves massaging the head with cleansing oil.

Wedding / Kimono

A Wedding is a very special day so we want to sincerely help you prepare for your special day.

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Hello, this is Asuke. Have you try Japanese sweets called Pablo? It’s a cheese cake shop located Dundas x Bay area. One of my baseball team mate gave us four kind of cheese cake after he took a shoot for…

I went to watch a movie last week. it was called “it”. It was quite scary… I won’t tell you the story but it was good! I also watched “Anabelle” today. it was also scary movie as well. I like to…

Dearest Atelier May’s Customers, This is Akemi! (May!) I hope everyone is enjoying the great weather with family and friends:) I would like to inform you that I will be away due to my vacation from October 4th to the…