From your home to Atelier May is like passing from your kitchen to the living room. Atelier May brings the feeling of “home”, to the salon.

This sense of comfort and contentment are at the heart of Atelier May’s concept. Every visitor of Atelier May will pass through our doorway as if passing through the rooms of their own home.

The constrictive waiting area, the cloned work stations, and similar characteristics from hair salon to hair salon, will not be found in Atelier May. Atelier May will provide you with peacefulness, relaxation, and comfort. Like your own home, when you walk out of Atelier May it may be the starting place from where you leave to face the struggles of daily life; but like your home, Atelier May is also the place you always wish to return to at the end of a demanding day.

It is said that “beauty starts from within”, and Atelier May tries to live by this adage. Beauty should not only be external, but also internal. Peace of mind, and relaxation is an internal beauty that reflects itself in outer beauty. Atelier May cares about your outwardly appearance, and also your internal well being. For all of our clients we want to take away all those pressures and stresses that affect us externally, and provide our clients with internal rejuvenation, and regeneration.

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An experienced stylist will give you a personal haircut that will be tailored to your specific hair type/condition, and one that will enhance your facial/body features nicely.


Services / Prices

Hair services (cut, colour, perm, straight perm)
Head spa service (choice of 20, 40, or 60 minutes)
Wedding services ( Hair, Makeup, Kimono Fitting)



A 1 min. walk from Bathurst station. Located at 561 Bloor St. W on the 2nd floor.  A light blue sign should be noticeable in the window but if you’re still not sure, feel free to call us – 4164888776

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We are closed Sunday to Tuesday. (Wedding services are available by appointment on Sundays.)
We accept appointments from Wednesday to Saturday, 10am-5:30pm.

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